Shelter of Wings

Welcome to my new comic site, hopefully more streamlined and accessible for the average user. Shelter of Wings is a work in progress and has been my pet project for over 13 years. It’s one of my hobbies, although I’d love to be able to create on a regular basis (a personal goal :). Volume 1 plus the initial pages of Volume 2 is online in English and Portuguese with French and Spanish to follow. Christmas Stars (holiday sidestory) is now up in English, Portuguese and Spanish! Thank you to those who’ve helped. There is an option to purchase the English version of Volume 1 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online stores. You can view some gallery images with descriptions below (I might put up a gallery page in the future). Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or comments at or through the Contact page. I try to be as prompt as possible, even with my crazy schedule. Enjoy!

6/13/2017 Update: Working on new illustration. I update on Facebook first. 🙂 Also I uploaded a WIP section with my work Beautiful. It’s under Extras, or go HERE.

Illustrations; click image for full view and captions

Sketch dump; Some old art and panel sections