Sous Ses Ailes

Sous Ses Ailes is very important to me. It means “Under His Wings”. I believe it’s an assignment from God. It’s in Québécois French, a language not widely used in comics, specificallly targeting this people group of Canada. These people have been labeled “forgotten” and “the most unreached people group in North America” since God has been removed from their culture nearly 50 years ago.

The Québécois love their comics! There are many French ones available but not Québécois French, and especially Québécois manga written specifically for them!

Sous Ses Ailes is in the final editing stages and once finished, will be sent up north for printing through Samy’s Publishing House, a ministry of Bon Samaritain in St. Georges, Qc. The translation / adaptation process has been slow, difficult and very time consuming for those involved. And much of it was rewritten to fit Quebec culture. I pray that the final product will be important for the Québécois, especially their youth. Please pray for our efforts.