Jenna Ruth Hadleigh (Alexia Tremblay-French)

Jenna is an exceptionally talented 12-year-old middle school artist with a passion for collecting small, beautiful objects. She is insecure and a bit awkward, but very articulate and pensive. She is fearful of people and new situations and retreats into a world of history books and rock collections. Although Jenna has few close friends, she considers her mom to be her closest. She prefers being alone or with her cat Toby while drawing or working on art projects. She excels in drawing through the leading of the Spirit, amazing her parents at a young age. Being the younger of two children, Jenna feels overshadowed by her responsible brother Sam and loves to endlessly pick on him.

Jenna comes from an English-Italian family and takes after her father in looks. Having been raised in a loving environment, she was used to the routine of attending church and youth groups. She has a perception of standard Biblical truth until a routine trip to the city leaves her mother dead and her leg badly broken. Jenna questions the meaning of her life and the existence of a loving God. Believing she caused the accident, she withdraws not understanding why she was kept alive. As her panic attacks grow so does her self-hatred and her doubts of ever leading a normal life. The only source of comfort she finds is a precious silver necklace that her mother had given her before her death, as well as her sketchbooks she uses to console her growing depression.

Through this dark time, Jenna and her brother Sam are sent to their grandparents’ Colorado home for the summer. Here she encounters the supernatural and finds that she is not alone; that she is loved and that her life is more valuable than she could ever imagine. Through a powerful guardian angel, Jenna learns she is the focus of spiritual warfare between God’s army and Satan’s legions because of a great destiny given by God. What she doesn’t realize is that the key to fulfilling her future is the very thing that could ultimately destroy her faith and destiny itself—her broken past.