Mosirashek (Eyzed-French)

Faithful protector and friend to Jenna and fearless warrior in the heavenlies, Mosirashek is a low-ranking angel and a member of the Threshing Floor Detachment, a special unit sent to destroy the powers of the adversary through quick fire combat. At times he is given greater responsibilities to lead his unit, but he accepts his duties with humility and diligence. Known to get boisterous after a victorious battle, he is cheerful and mischievous when not in training. Mosirashek battles with fiery “Sanctuary Sword”, his personal favorite weapon of warfare he keeps slung across his back. When walking the earth as a human, Mosirashek keeps his hair fairly short, notably different than his usual long hair tied at the end. He usually prefers loose clothing over tight, depending on the time period and location.

Upon God’s command, Mosirashek makes a visitation to Jenna, one of his many “appointed humans” over the years, and quickly gains her trust. Although serious and intimidating at times, he is gentle and playful around her. He lets her call him “Mo” for short. He becomes her companion and befriends her as a loving father, urging her forward into a renewed life of faith and trust in God and proclaiming of a great anointing placed on her life. Jenna is overwhelmed. For the first time in her life, Jenna begins to understand that the God of the past is the same God who loves her, never leaves her, and even fights for her.

As an angel, Mosirashek wears three significant precious stones on his belt:

Blue Sapphire — representing natural excellence, everlasting beauty
Red Ruby –representing preciousness, wisdom, great worth and value
Green Emerald –rarest gem known to mankind; glories of God and his saints, symbol of new life.

The cross is depicted in this gold frame, significant of the death and life of Jesus.