I’m Lisa Hutchinson. No middle name, only a Catholic confirmation name given in the first grade (Rebecca). I consider myself a very ordinary person. I’m unassuming, gentle and enjoy quiet places. I don’t get bored too often and try to squeeze time for personal matters. I am married with three beautiful young adult children; one is in heaven. Creating art is important to me although that has to take a back seat to husband/family/home life and work.

I have worked in the education system for public and private schools and homeschools for 25 years. Nearly 7 years have been devoted to children and young adults with disabilities. I currently am employed by two families in the home setting. I also freelance and lastly create for pleasure when I have extra time.

I’ve been saved for over 30 years. Throughout everything, living under the direction of the Holy Spirit is central to my life. I will go where He leads.