Commander of the Dark Horn

Gruff and oddly old fashioned, Commander Silom is an overbearing, irritable leader who has moved up the ranks by his keen methodology and prowess for proven war tactics. He stands by the seasoned American phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” He disapproves of newer, less tested combat techniques and will fight anyone who disagrees. He leads the Dark Horn, a small combat unit designed to maneuver with speed and vigor which is hailed for its many victories against small brigades of the angelic host.

Silom hates weak, ineffective soldiers until they prove themselves worthy. Because of his twisted sense of humor and hatred for the rookies, he enjoys humiliating his troops. Silom longs for the past where he was considered to rival the elite angelic host, but after great altercations with his enemies during the Franco-Prussian war, he was removed from superior status and chosen to train infantry, a plight he wishes to forget. Secretly living in disgrace, Silom vows to redeem himself.

He is commended by the Consul for his ability to equip any soldier in his platoon, but at the same time is ridiculed by the other legions for obtaining not only Kolom, who is seen as the worst marksman in demon history, but also Ruphio, his asinine, but skillful, aide. Because of this partnership, and the fact that Silom is expected to transform these demons into compliant, top notch soldiers, he secretly despises anything that has to do with the Consul, and will do anything to get Kolom and Ruphio off his platoon and far away from himself. He balks at the fact that he and Kolom have similar sounding demon names.

Silom is a firm believer that no matter how swift or stealthy your troops might be, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.