New site, new thoughts

I was going to call this post, “New site, new thoughts, old art.” Sigh.

I want to personally thank many of you for your constant support of this work, and for those who have helped me with translations and given donations for this and my other projects. It definitely is art from the heart. Sometimes I wonder why I keep plugging away, but I’ve come to realize that God holds timing and seasons according to our faith, and what we need to do is make the most of every moment (especially in small things), whether we’re living out our passions or not. For years I’ve tried to control my circumstances and thought that perfect outcome was a result of striving and being perfect. But, I’ve found that the priority of life is not the outcome or attaining a specific goal. It’s walking in intimacy with Jesus, and walking in faith by the leading of Holy Spirit. The only thing that’s required of me (look up Micah 6:8 :) to be faithful, obedient, and to love. So wherever I’m at and whatever I do, I live in love. Everything flows from there. That is freedom.

The French books will be printed soon and going to Quebec! There will be only two versions in print form (English and French) for purchase. As far as my schedule goes, I do work for a living. I laugh at the amount that I earn through selling comics or products so I need steady income. Aside from that, I’m currently working on a few creative projects which I’ll be sharing soon. These are all done with two side jobs and freelance work so you can imagine time constraints. I’m working on a new illustration and the manga as well. I’m sorry for the long wait for Vol 2. I can’t wait to show you all the pages when complete. 😀 I hope and believe it will be worth waiting for. 

I just looked at the time: 12:12. I thought to look up a scripture verse, saw Romans 12:12 from the Passion Translation (TPT):

“Let hope burst forth releasing continual joy within you! Don’t give up in a time of trouble, but commune with God at all times.”

And with that, you can pull through always 🙂


4 thoughts on “New site, new thoughts

  1. I can’t agree enough. I’ve had a similar journey, especially in recent months. God has been breaking a lot of bad things off me, especially bad beliefs and mindsets despite my knowing him for 13 years. I didn’t even realize how messed up I was–you’re not going to until he transitions you out of it. I had to do quite a bit of dying but now I’m so much more freer and closer to God. He is much more tangible to me than he was even just a year ago, wow. He has, in a sense given me back to myself. Given me back my identity and true creativity without the sorrows and anxieties.

    I am excited to see the new direction you are taken in! I am also LOVING Jenna’s redesign. It’s SOOO pretty and I love your prophetic art. I literally feel a burning in my heart when I see such works. I love that cartoon works can totally be prophetic too. I made the declaration just a couple days ago that my work will be a conduit of his revelation and glory. Now when I draw I can feel a new strength coming through my hands.

    Let’s continue to say “no” to control and yes to a simple outflow of relationship from the quiet place~

    • I appreciate you sharing from your own experience; I understand how hard it must have been. When a seed dies it multiplies, there’s no other way. And there’s so much power in simple declaration, especially when backed by the Word. I believe you will achieve what has been destined for you, simply because you chose to put God first and get rid everything that would hinder that relationship. I wonder how many believers would actually do that?
      If God used your art powerfully in the past, I can’t even imagine how He’ll use it now! It will be amazing to watch you truly radiate. Big blessings to you with my prayers attached 😉

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