“Let me live forever in your sanctuary,
Safe beneath the shelter of your wings.”

–Psalm 61:4 (New Living Translation)

Shelter of Wings is about a girl who lost hope in life. The phrase above is taken from Psalm 61:4 in the Bible which means a place of hiding; of safety and peace, where we are protected from life’s storms. It is mentioned a few times.

God watches and guards us just as a mother bird protects her young by covering them with her wings. Jesus uses this analogy when he weeps over his own Jewish people in Jerusalem. Although the storms may keep coming, God promises to never leave us no matter how difficult a situation may be, and he promises to protect, guide and deliver us from them.

As I thought about these things, I felt compelled to write a book about a girl with challenging circumstances who receives help and assurance from her guardian angel. She had been given an art gift, and she also enjoys history. Throughout the story, Jenna begins to realize how important and special she is and that she is given a purpose from God. She doesn’t know how she will accomplish the things that will drive her, but over time she will learn that it’s not by her own strength or perfection that will enable her to carry out God’s will, but by the Holy Spirit.

I wouldn’t be doing this work had it not been for a strong prompting of my heart. I had thought about the needs of elementary and middle school students since I had worked with them so much, and wanted to help them see that their lives can make such a difference in this world. They need to know they are wanted, loved and very special to God. All of them, no matter where they are or what challenges they face.

Everyone is loved by God and everyone can have hope to live in fullness and joy. I hope that you will enjoy this work as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Although imperfect, each page is given to you from the expression of my heart.