I study manga art with a heart to give to God what I’ve been given. My heart aches to bring stories to life and heaven to earth. I don’t create to promote anything about myself. I really don’t care about that. When I don’t create, I feel that a part of me dies. I believe this trait is inbred into all who aspire to be God’s artists and storytellers.

Shelter has been a ministry since late 2003. It’s a bitter-sweet project since I haven’t been able to progress as much as I’ve wanted for lack of time. As many of my sisters out there know, our families come first and we have to work for a living. I don’t have the means to stay home and create (my dream job!) at the moment but I am thankful for the love and support that I’ve recieved over the years. And I’m especially thrilled that I can inspire those who are struggling themselves, and others who want to create manga for God’s glory. I pray for you!

I would love for anyone who think they might want to contribute in some way to use their gifts and time for this ministry. Donations will be used for website maintence and printing books, and for my future projects (the donation widget is displayed in the sidebar). Language skills will help this work go further into other areas. (I’m currently praying for an Italian translation) 🙂 I have TONS of pages that need inks and tones but honestly, I don’t think most people would understand them…..:/

Thank you for your patience with my endeavor, and thank you ahead of time for any donation. I hope you see that I’m very serious when I say that I have no intention to misuse funds or to quit 😉