Samuel Braeden Hadleigh (Sam Tremblay-French)

Jenna’s older brother Sam is confident, responsible and mature for his age. Although he’s 16, he’s not affected by peer pressure and having to conform to standards of others. He keeps his problems to himself, thinking people shouldn’t talk about personal things. He refuses to cry, and can be overly harsh and critical. He is outspoken in his faith around his friends. Sam carries a small bible wherever he goes and escapes to quiet places to read and pray. Sam is tall for his age with a dark complexion, taking after his Italian mother’s side of the family. He wears three earrings — two diamond studs in the right ear and a small gold hoop in the other, representing Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Sam had been given the gift of the Spirit at birth. During his mother’s pregnancy, Satan afflicted him with Tay-sachs disease in order to end his life. His parents chose his name after the Old Testament prophet, hoping that God would spare him and use him for something great. He was healed at two years of age. Throughout his childhood Sam could hear the voice of God, much as Samuel the prophet did, although he wouldn’t always act upon it.

In highschool, he is viewed as strange by some of his classmates but unharrassed because of his quiet, powerful authority. He takes advanced placement courses in the 11th grade and takes his studies seriously. Sam dislikes television and sports except for swimming, where he enjoys the physical competition. However as a member of the chess club, it’s his love for the intellectual challenge that sets him apart from the other students, winning trophies at each tournament and setting new records for his state. He is often asked to teach chess to middle school students and the community.

Because of his strong demeanor, he sees his sister as childish. Having been given the responsibility of watching over her after their mother’s death, he is often given Jenna’s household jobs to do by his father and forced to accommodate her every complaint. Not allowing himself to cry or talk openly about issues, Sam sees himself being held back from his own dreams and desires until he is sent to Colorado and unexpectedly meets a girl who may break all his preconceived notions…