Proclaimer of God’s Glory

Leader of angelic worship in the Lord’s innermost court and of the “Five”, the Lord’s leading worship team. Verik is responsible for sending off God’s warriors before spiritual warfare through worship, song and praise. Authoritive, patient and wise and extremely neat and orderly, Verik is skilled in playing all variations of wind instruments known to man and the angelic realm, but prefers the playful sounds of the lotus pipes.

Given the gift of voice above all other spiritual beings, he ministers to God’s people through the melody of his songs, which pave the way for worship and bring their hearts close to the Father. With this gift, Verik is able to throw his voice and disguise it as any man, creature or celestial being, overwhelmed that he was given this gift above any other court musician. He can imitate anyone and anything, sometimes at the expense of those around him.

Verik is a best friend, advisor and companion to Mosirashek (or “Mosir”); their friendship comparable to the Biblical brotherhood of David and Jonathan. Being one in heart with Mosir, he ministers to Jenna in the spiritual realm, often singing songs of peace over her during a restless night.

Mosirashek can’t help harrassing Verik for being so neat and clean without a hair ever out of place. With his growing desire to engage in God’s battles, Verik is known to challenge Mosir to taekwando, jujitsu and wrestling matches, since the use of weapons is strictly forbidden among court musicians. Although he doesn’t undertstand this growing desire for warfare, he keeps this secretive and often retreats after troops have been dispatched to quietly worship alone while dancing in the style of martial arts.

Before the great rebellion in Heaven, Verik partnered with Lucifer (now Satan) to lead the host in worship and praise. After Lucifer failed to sway Verik to follow him in rebellion against God, he begins to closely monitor Verik in order to have this desire of warfare turned against him. Will Satan succeed in persuading Verik to partner with him once again?