The main purpose for this series is to guide people towards the truth about who they are and who they can become through an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Shelter of Wings is my first comic project which began as an idea in late 2003. It is generally for elementary school and junior high students, first written with girls in mind. Since then I’ve received lots of feedback from junior high boys as well. I wanted to make people think about things that are beyond what they can see, and to inspire them to move forward in their own walk with God through his son Jesus, and by the leading of the Spirit. I think mainly I wanted to help them realize that they aren’t alone in this world, that they have lots of protection and a special purpose given to them. We are all God’s favorites:) God’s messengers are real, sent for our help and protection. They’re in our earthly affairs and battle for us.

Many people believe that by attending services each week or certain times a year that their spiritual requirements are met. Jesus isn’t seeking church people, but people who want intimacy with Him. We all have the potential to be fulfilled and joyful in life through this relationship. He will not value one person over another and does not look at the outward appearance or your accomplishments but at the heart. Jenna is proof that you don’t have to be perfect in order for God to cherish and use you. In fact, he is able to pick you up in any situation at any time, and wants to do that more than anything.