Why Angels?

This book isn’t meant to glorify angels but to show God’s loving kindness and how he changes people’s lives.

When I began to think about ways to introduce the notion of who God is in a non-forced way, immediately I thought about spiritual warfare and the angels who protect us. Not having any comic experience when I started, I didn’t realize that there were so many Christian comics on the subject already. But since we live in a spiritual world I felt it was very important. Having a relationship with Christ IS about our spiritual walk and the forces that both draw us closer or keep us apart from the will of God. It’s not that I wanted to show battles and weapons that people love to illustrate and who are so skilled in doing so, but I wanted to show relationships between spirits in the heavenly realm and between God and his people. What else would angels be talking about but God and spiritual things? Nothing forced there. And what else would angels be doing here on earth other than to help the people they’re meant to protect, to battle Satan and his legions? But, these aren’t the only reasons I chose to use angels in my book.

A part of this book will show the authority we have in Christ; his power and strength working through his people. Simply put, when we believe that he takes our sins away by dying on the cross, we become his children and are given his power and authority over the spiritual world. This is not our own power, but God’s. As Satan and his demons try to keep Jenna in fear, guilt and low-self esteem, Jenna will learn that she has this power to overcome these thoughts because of her faith in Christ, and to rise up to be more than she ever thought she could be. And this power, like hers, is for all people.