Proclaimer of God’s Strength

Temus is second in command of the Five after Verik. He’s boisterous, loud and joyful, and never has a bad day. Exceptionally skilled in playing all types of large stringed instruments known to man and the angelic realm, he prefers the rustic sounds of the Celtic Harp. Because of his speed, which surpasses all celestial beings in the heavenlines, not to mention his quick wit and the fact that he’s notoriously hated by all demonic forces, he is assigned as Mosirashek’s personal decoy to steer demons away into ambush. Though forbidden to directly engage in warfare, it’s no surprise he usually succeeds.

Temus is the practical joker of the host whom angels want to stay away from, especially Mosirashek and his unit. While his job is to lead them in worship before battle, he’ll stop at nothing to provoke them afterwards.

He makes the most of every opportunity to get his partners and Jenna to laugh, mostly at the expense of Verik, whom he  frequently commands rain and hail to fall upon (but Verik is such a good sport!). From Kabuki to Greek tragedies to modern day musicals, he stages theatrical performances for Jenna at his own whim, using the Five and Mosirashek as his personal cast of characters despite their protests, and once in a while, Jenna herself.  He especially loves to host game shows. If all the world’s a stage as Shakespeare once wrote, then Temus is on it.

Temus is responsible to revive the weary, desperate lives of God’s people and to bring them perseverance. As they cry out in weakness, the sounds of his harps release refreshment and hope as he plays over them while shouting,

“Don’t be sad! The joy of the Lord is your strength!”