Ramvis (Rameau-French)
Proclaimer of God’s Mercy

Nicknamed “Ox” because of his size and stature, Ramvis is the largest but most gentle of the Five whose voice sounds like velvet. He’s skilled in playing all variations of large stringed instruments and accompaniment known to man and the angelic realm, but he prefers the low, meloncholic sounds of the Seraphim Cello. His task is to sing songs of lament, mourning, confession and repentence for God’s people. He is often seen playing music over great tragic events and disasters of history, as well as over those who are hopeless, distressed and in despair. Ramvis is the only angel who carries the tears and prayers of God’s people directly to Christ. He presents a large golden bowl which fills with tears and prayers of hurting people and pours it out at Christ’s feet. The people receive relief from their troubles and are sustained.

Because of his nature, Ramvis is unable to smile. The angels are cautious around him whenever he speaks since his heavy countenance usually rubs off, so in order to talk he will often ask first. Because of the depth of God’s mercy on the human race, his is joyful and glad in heart.

Known to have told a joke or two in the presence of Mosirashek and the others upon the tutoring of expert Temus, Ramvis is unable to actually understand them.

His only possession is a jeweled vial which contains one of Christ’s tears shed while mourning over His people in Jerusalem, as a testimony of the Lord’s great compassion for all mankind.