Proclaimer of God’s Creation

One of the Five, Zehuran is skilled in playing all types of melodic keyboard
and stringed instruments known to man and the angelic realm, but prefers the pure, resonant sounds of the hammered dulcimer, ancient psaltery and the Greek mandolin.
Zehuran has remarkable communion with all created things including sky, water and land, but no relationship more intimate than with the creatures of the earth. After ministering to the Lord, he often roams the terrain, skies and seas where creatures of all types are drawn to his presence. Although many times they cannot see him, they will follow his lead. Zehuran oversees the yearly migrations of animals including the wildebeest and zebra along the Serengeti plains of Africa, the fall migrations of monarch butterflies into present-day Mexico (a sight that has astounded humans since the beginnning of time), and has observed the pairs of creatures entering the ark during the time of Noah.

When not leading the angelic troops in worship, he’s often seen overlooking the oceans, commanding the winds and waves to change direction for the benefit of God’s people. He enjoys the companionship of all creatures, but mostly enjoys the carefree lifestyle of dolphins and will often dive with them. Once in a while he will encourage fireflies to perform light shows for Jenna. After a wrestling match with wild boars, Verik prefers that he Zehuran gets cleaned up before coming back to the throne room to lead worship.

Despite being an angel who loves the loud blasts of fierce elephants and thunderous stampeding herds (often riding them for fun), he’s often soft-spoken and calm. He’s a strict vegan in human form and is at odds with Temus who prefers hamburgers and fried chicken if they stop for fast food. When Temus isn’t looking, Zehuran will often command local birds to make sure they target him. Because of his longing to have a spiritual pet, God created Baera, a playful firey fish-like spirit, as a constant companion and friend. Instead of speaking, Baera plays music with his vocal chords, similar to the sounds of soft, flutish chimes that only Zehuran can understand. They are only separated when Zehuran is called to earth.

Zehuran develops a very close bond with Jenna’s cat Toby who quickly discovers that three’s a crowd.