Proclaimer of God’s Love

One of the Five, Eben is reserved and quiet, yet powerful and mighty in music and song; skilled in playing all types of percussion instruments known to man and the angelic realm, including chimes, gongs, tambourines and cymbals. Eben is the only spirit who is made of musical instruments, aside from Lucifer before his fall from Heaven. As he breathes and moves, he omits soft, chiming sounds. His is the most child-like of the Five, and is restrained from seeing satanic combat on the earth. His place is in Heaven’s courts and over God’s people. When he’s not leading the host in worship with his teammates, he is often seen ministering love to those who seek God, or worshipping alone.

Eben prefers the deep, resonant tones of the African large-scale Djembe drums usually played while wearing arm bells; when struck, comparable to the beat of the heart – man’s symbol of love. His is asssigned to minister to God’s people during salvation, worship, prayer, hardship, weddings and all outpourings of the Holy Spirit by dancing over them while beating his drums. Through these outpourings, people feel God’s infinite intimacy of love.

During music practice, Eben enjoys to combine slower, traditional hymns with fast-paced complexity of Latin rhythms, his two favorite worship styles. He has a fondness for man-made timbales and loves the powerful vitality of West African drumming (a personal favorite instrument – the Dunan bass). Eben frequently challenges the other musicians to keep up, knowing they rarely can.
His closest best friend aside from Christ is Temus. Because of his boyish, ruddy appearance, he is nicknamed “Buffy”, as much as he’d love to change that fact.

Eben wears a clear kainite crystal jewel on his left shoulder, encasing a drop of Jesus’s blood. Collected from the Christ’s face during his death on the cross,
it serves as a reminder and testimony of God’s great love for all mankind.