Kolom (Kalain-French)
Angelic name: “Kolomes”

While believing he’s intellectually superior, Kolom is the most deceitful and the most hated demon of his legion, the Dark Horn. He has little to no sense of humor and tries hard not to smile because of his much-hated dimples. His thirst for power and his psychotic delusions of grandeur to overthrow Satan and the demonic host for continually making him a laughingstock are hardly fulfilled by his terrible weaponry skills.
As an angel in Heaven, Kolomes was given a smaller portion of power, authority, talent of voice and musical ability compared to the rest of the angelic host. Because of this God paid him special attention and always kept him by his side. During the Great Rebellion of the Heavenlies, Kolomes abandoned God’s love and sided with Lucifer, feeling slighted with his own shortcomings. Because Kolomes left his first home, the Lord removed success from him, especially in weaponry and warfare. Only afterwards did Satan wish he left Kolomes in Heaven.

Kolom carries two weapons only: the Satyrwhip and Tick Blade, simply because they are used within close proximity of the opponent–less chance of error.
He is known for his delusional scientific mind and is usually seen devising evil schemes to take control of the human will. Upon hearing of Jenna’s powerful anointing, he jumps at the opportunity to try and bind her without the authority of his commander or superiors, to gain respect among his peers, and ultimately a following to overthrow Satan and the Lord of Hosts himself.

Unfortunately, he’ll need lots of assistance…