“Arrows of Death”
Angelic name: Aepha

Kalen’s sidekick and scapegoat, Ruphio is an exceptional archer and skilled at warfare. He is capable of outshooting even his superiors while blindfolded. Because things always come easy for him, Ruphio developed a bad habit of laziness. He was thrown to serve in the Darkhorn Legion, the weakest resistance of all the infamous units for his exceptional beauty that even Satan envied. He is contemptable and conceited, a compulsive whiner and skillful thief. Ruphio rarely wears the same thing twice.

In Heaven, Aepha was a gatekeeper and one of the most beautifully crafted and multi-gifted angels. While in Heaven, Aepha bound himself to Kolomes to use his own giftings for his brother’s benefit–or be stripped of his talents and beauty forever. Because of his great devotion to Kolomes since then, Aepha followed him in rebellion and was thrown down to earth. He showed his love for himself to be greater than his love for God.
Now a demon, Ruphio is hightly intelligent, but because of his involvement in the revolt, the Lord removed his wisdom. Scorned by Kolom for his stupidity but envied for his skills, Ruphio must help Kolom or his abilities would be permanently removed.

Ruphio’s personal favorite weapon against other celestial beings is the three-pronged slumbering arrow shown above designed to incapacitate his enemies for at least 24 hours. His trademark in battle is to pierce his enemies in their rear (makes him laugh), even those incapable or unequipped for warfare. As he collects (or steals) possessions of demons and of the human world, he is able to barter with his valuable prizes for greater treasures.

He prefers to bind humans with his lethal, poisonous mouthdarts, and if allowed, will keep them bound with a trick known only to himself. Because of Kolom’s orders, Ruphio must do all he can to stop Jenna from fulfilling her calling even if it means going against his commander’s forces and the rest of the Satanic legions on his own.