Zachary Kyle Ennis

A 14-year old art prodigy, Zachary is a boisterous, opinionated show-off, a sensetive but lazy juinor high student with a gift in art but a passion for sports and drums. He excels in all types of fine arts including painting and sculpture, astounding his scholarly parents with playdough replicas of famous landmarks and tempera paintings of the Mona Lisa at the age of five. While attending 6th grade in elementary school, his parents taught World History at a local university and opened a museum until his father’s untimely death of cancer. At this time, Zach begins to rebel against the art world to get back at God for taking away his father. Yet under his mother’s mentoring he is forced to take private classes and keep practicing.

Having known Jenna’s grandparents for years, Zach’s mother relocates to Denver to be closer to them and the city’s university where she quickly lands a new job. Zach meets Jenna at a community ceramics class, not realizing they’ve met years before. While his artistic rivalry for Jenna grows, so does his obsessive infatuation. Unaware that he and his family are needed to help her be successful in life, all Zach has on his mind is anything but that.