Madison Joy Ennis

Zachary’s upbeat and headstrong 16-year-old sister, Madison is compassionate and chatty with many high school friends. She’s a natural teacher’s pet and enjoys playing the violin. Finding it difficult to be alone through her father’s illness and untimely death a few years back, she develops a passion to help others cope with their problems while hoping to become a psychologist after graduation. She becomes health conscious after a battle with her weight in elementary school and still suffers from poor body image. In seventh grade, she distracts herself by running for class President but sorely loses to a student who barely speaks English.

After the death of her father, the Ennis family moves closer to Jenna’s grandparents for support. Embarrassed by having to downsize from an expensive single home to a small townhouse, Madison becomes studious and hard working, often volunteering in her community through her school and church youth group while holding odd jobs to bring in needed family income. She sees herself in the forced role of an adult, often reprimanding her mom for working too much and having to keep her irritating brother from causing havoc.

Much to her excitement and God’s design, Madison reconnects with Sam after years spent apart. But with clashing personalities and teen hormones rising, they find themselves caught in an emotional battle between the sexes. Even more, they become aware that something bigger than themselves is at work for Jenna and those around them–if only they can get past their tumultuous relationship!