Jenna’s faithful five-year-old cat who is never seen without his red-bell collar and an inquisitive expression. His name is short for “October”, the month Jenna adopted him and brought him home from the local animal shelter for her tenth birthday. She wanted to name him “December” because of his fluffy white fur, but decided against it when she couldn’t think of any good nicknames.

After Toby’s previous owners had abandoned him when they moved, he was forced to scrounge for food and to sleep anywhere he could. As fate would have it, a few months later he fell asleep by the back porch of the shelter. When he was found, he was immediately brought in and coddled by the staff. Jenna was smitten by his large green eyes. Although he seemed a bit thin, she made sure he never skipped any meals again, often allowing him to eat three meals a day with her if he seemed the slightest bit hungry.

Having lived outdoors much of his life, Toby loved to prey on occassional birds or mice but was quickly broken of that habit once adopted. Toby developed a keen sense of perception and has always been sensetive to the spiritual world. Although he rather keep to himself unless hungry, he begins to sense a strange presence through an occassional flock of doves that pass by. Upon visiting Colorado with Jenna and Sam, Toby not only finds the same doves present, but meets up with an angel who befriends him immediately.

Having lived as the only cherished housepet for years, Toby senses a big problem arising: What is happening to his kitty kibble?